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You don't have any fun anymore, new project ideas are difficult for you. Your colleagues have also seen you perform on a much higher level.

Your everyday life resembles a grey Hamburg afternoon. Every day.

You are caught in the motivation trap and that's not good. And you are on a steep, slippery path down the hill.


  • No interest in your work

  • No significant contribution

  • No achievement of your KPI's

  • No bonus

  • No new projects

  • No acceptance in the team

  • Invisible


You see what I'm getting at.

But why is this so? Have you lost track of your goal? Do you actually have a goal? Did something go really wrong that you still resent? Or are you asking yourself the question of whether it makes sense?

Rediscovering your motivation is essential. It is your power station for success, pride and happiness - High Performance!

Via video or at your premises.


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