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I stay away from covert phrases, coaching language and any kind of bullshit.

As a personal advisor, I offer you solutions and clear recommendations to get the process started.

As a coach I work with you quickly, goal-oriented and with all my heart.

Coaching is work. Expect weekly tasks in order to gain clarity more quickly.

I offer you trust, empathy, appreciation and respect. I expect the same from you.




I have worked for over 20 years as a specialist and high level executive in the private sector.

I know how companies and agencies are set up, which hierarchical levels there are, which situations arise over and over again and which topics are relevant in everyday professional life.

I know the stress triggers and the moments when you have to function.

In coaching, I follow the ideas of Brendon Burchard, who is the mastermind behind High Performance Coaching.

My combination of personal advisory and performance coaching allows me to achieve results quickly. It is my goal to get you back into action as quickly as possible.

As a certified wingwave® coach, I can also identify and resolve blockages, fears and/or stress triggers in an uncomplicated and efficient way.



I have been working as a headhunter for companies and agencies for around 10 years.


I deal with job requirements, structures and people at all levels on a daily basis.

My very good knowledge of human nature and the intensive interaction with candidates and companies have made me very successful in this field.

I am a TCM therapist of Chinese medicine.

My complementary medical training helps when mental or emotional stress affects the body.

I can make the connection and provide you with appropriate specialists.


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